Monotype Demo at MoMA

I was invited (along with Justin Sanz, Director of the Robert Blackburn
Printmaking Workshop) to a closed-door meeting with the curators and staff
of the Museum of Modern Art to show my work and to do a monoprint/monotype
workshop and demonstration. What an honor!  They wanted me to prepare them
to answer questions from the public when the Degas Monotype exhibition opens
next month at MOMA.

This workshop was very stressful for me as I felt under so much pressure to perform perfectly in front of this prestigious audience. It worked out well, fortunately, since they were pleased with my demo and were impressed with my work. Because of this, they invited me to come back two more times to demonstrate and teach for the public while the show is happening next month.  I never even dreamed anything like this was possible!  I am a very lucky guy. I feel like I’m am going to have to pinch myself!

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