New Work

07.04.21 I created these monotypes during this past, horrible pandemic year.

01.26.17 These are my most recent monoprints, done a few weeks ago.

Monotype Demo Print © Bruce Waldman

Monotype Demo Print © Bruce Waldman

04.18.17 This image is a drawing that was done in a portrait seminar that I taught a several days ago at SUNY Westchester Community College.

The monotype below the portrait is from a monoprint demo that I conducted at the School of Visual Arts last week.

I must say that I was quite pleased with both of them.  This is not always the case when it comes to doing demos in front of an audience;  this can be quite unnerving.

03.07.17 I recently conducted a monoprint/monotype workshop for the International Creative Psychotherapy Conference held at The College of New Rochelle.  It was an honor for me to work with accomplished professional art therapists from all over the world, showing them how to teach their patients to use art, including printmaking (monoprinting), as a tool for self therapy. These are two samples from the demos that I created while conducting this seminar.

o8.07.16 Here is my latest monotype, created yesterday after teaching a workshop at the Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop.  I really like this one.

Monotype ©2016 Bruce Waldman

Monotype ©2016 Bruce Waldman

o7.05.16 In mid-June, I conducted back-to-back monoprint/monotype workshops at MoMA (Museum of Modern Art in New York City). I was so inspired and excited by the reception that I received and the great work that the participants created, I ran to the studio, the first chance I had, and produced the Rhino on the left, which was a continuation of a series of Rhino prints that I have been working on for years. Next to it is one of the prints in the series that was created earlier.

04.28.16 These three monotypes were done recently in demos and workshops that I conducted at the School of Visual Arts print shop. A great printmaking studio where I have been teaching for many years.

This drawing (below) is from a one-day intensive seminar on drawing the human figure that I taught recently at the Westchester Community College Center for the Arts.

drawing demo

Drawing Demo for all-day drawing seminar at Westchester Community College Center for the Arts.

12.06.15 The piece in the center (below) is a tight comp for a poster that I am doing for an off–broadway play called Wet Paint, which is also being turned into a movie. The two dark portraits are different versions of one of the 25 to 30 pieces of my really dark artwork that will be used as backdrops for the film.  This is all kind of exciting for me!

11.28.15  I taught a month–long seminar, etching from a live model at The Center for Contemporary Printmaking in Norwalk, Connecticut. And I also taught a portrait intensive at the Westchester Center for the Arts within this last month.  Below are a few of the portrait demos I created to illustrate expression in portraiture.  I demonstrated these at both seminars.

One of my landscape etchings (seen below) was recently on exhibit in a New York Society of Etchers exhibition at The National Arts Club in New York City.

"Row of Trees," Etching © Bruce Waldman

“Row of Trees,” Etching © Bruce Waldman

09.16.15 I just completed these pieces that will appear in a dark story to be published in issue #16 of Carrier Pigeon Magazine.  I really enjoy doing this kind of dark, emotionally wrenching and heartbreaking imagery.  I don’t know why. There must be something wrong with me!

07.31.15 These two monoprint horse racing pieces are my latest works which were completed last week.  I was trying to capture a feeling of wild frantic motion.

07.30.15 These are two of my monotype landscapes, created during demos for a seminar I taught last week. The monotype seminar for a group of 17 students from Korea and China was at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York.  I love doing these seminars and the students did really great work.

06.24.15 These three new monoprint pieces are illustrations that will be published along with a dark story that will appear in an up coming issue of Carrier Pigeon Magazine.

04.12.15 These three pieces are among the images that will be published next year in a book about mythological monsters and the occult. I really love working with this type of subject matter.

There will be more of my work seen in this upcoming book including older pieces that I reworked for this assignment as well as completely new work. I will post more details about the book once it’s closer to the publication date.

o4.o5.15 This is my most recent monoprint, completed a few days ago.

Monotype © Bruce Waldman

Judgmental, Monotype © Bruce Waldman

Also, the two images below are being printed as posters by Legion Paper to promote their fine art papers. These pieces were originally printed on Legion paper.

02.01.15 These three latest courtroom pieces were all done recently.  They are a continuation of a series that I have been working on (and off) for years.

Courtroom Series Monotype. ©2015, Bruce Waldman.

Courtroom Series Monotype. ©2015, Bruce Waldman.

These six courtroom pieces (below) were done previously:

12.29.14 These monotypes are from a new series of pieces that I have been working on for a few weeks. The make-up of a jury in New York, with its rich variety of different types of people, is a subject that has always fascinated me. Especially since it’s in New York, a city that provides such an abundance of cultural and ethnic diversity.

Two of the pieces in this series were printed in an investment magazine along with articles about the stock market.

stockscrowd newstocks

11.19.14 This tiger piece is a watercolor that will be printed in the December issue of  Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities magazine. The article it accompanies is about skills in stalking and being patient when working with investments in the stock market.

Tiger Illustration ©2014, Bruce Waldman

Illustration ©2014, Bruce Waldman

It was a little nerve-racking for me doing this piece,  as I am not a watercolor artist.

o7.05.14 These new horse pieces were completed last week. Included is an older horse piece that I reworked and finally completed.

04.18.14 Here are two of my etchings that I recently reworked and finally completed.

03.25.14 I just did these three new monoprints this last week.

03.19.14 Here are two of my new monoprints.

12.27.13 The first piece (below) was recently created for a dark story that I illustrated in the current issue of Carrier Pigeon Magazine that was just released. The second piece will be published in a 200 page book on How to Draw, that I just completed for Peter Pauper Press. It will be published in the summer of 2014.

These images (below) will also be printed in the “Drawing” book for Peter Pauper Press.

11.02.13  The two figurative monotypes were done for a dark story that will be published in the upcoming issue of Carrier Pigeon Magazine. The landscape is a recent work that was done for myself.

These are two recent ads that I created; one for Legion Paper, and the other for The Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop.

Illustrations: ©2013 Bruce Waldman

Illustrations: ©2013 Bruce Waldman

08.01.13  I recently created these etchings that were published in Carrier Pigeon Magazine.

New monoprints from early 2013

I created these three monoprints for Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop ads, published in consecutive issues of Carrier Pigeon Magazine.

These three political monoprint portraits of Nixon, Romney, and Obama are recent works. The Romney and Obama posters were commissioned by Stephen Fredericks, founder of the New York Society of Etchers, for their political exhibition that was held in conjunction with the election. They were exhibited in November of last year at the Sacred Gallery in SoHo, and have recently become part of the permanent collection of the Library of Congress in Washington DC.

Also, I love drawing animals!


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