Classes at WCC Center for the Arts

If you are looking for a fun, engaging and solid drawing class, I will be teaching the following classes at the Westchester Community College Center for the Arts in White Plains starting the third week in January:
Life Drawing
Drawing Fundamentals

The college is giving a special offer: two semesters (Winter and Spring) of each course are merged for the price of what had previously been only one semester. This means that each course is 14 weeks instead of 10.  More time, more robust semester.

If you are interested in advancing your drawing skills, learning in a supportive environment with an accomplished instructor, these classes are a real deal!

This link will bring you to the Course Descriptions page.

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1 Response to Classes at WCC Center for the Arts

  1. Your classes are so great because of your inspiring and well-informed approach. The Foreword review of DRAWING FOR EVERYONE that you posted many entries ago in the blog says it all:

    Bruce Waldman distills the essence of his art experience into his thorough guide to drawing…. His professional and pedagogical experience means that Waldman can vouch for what works and what is less effective, what’s important and what’s not, in drawing. It’s this succinct, thorough, but not overwhelming style that makes Drawing for Everyone live up to its title: beginners will be able to follow these lessons, practicing their own drawings or just gaining a better understanding of art and appreciation of it; longtime artists will benefit from the subtleties of Waldman’s examples and theory.

    With many “how to draw” books published every year, Drawing for Everyone stands out as one of the very few that could earn a place on the bookshelves of artists and nonartists alike as “essential.”

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